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These self led informational links and resources can act as a guide for learning about how trauma can affect the victim, as well as those closely tied to that person. These resources should be considered tools to better understand natural responses to traumatic events, as well as guides on next steps, but none of these should be used wholly or singularly to treat trauma or self-diagnose.

This website defines different types of traumatic experiences, including domestic violence, community violence, and bullying.

This website can provide information on how to recover financial losses incurred due to a violent crime.

This is a brochure that provides victims rights and responsibilities, as well as resources, including phone numbers, of agencies that can assist.

A comprehensive guide to community resources for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, families of homicide victims, etc. Information includes how the criminal justice system operates, contact information for local courts and attorneys, as well as community advocates, transitional housing, and more.

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