Our Story

Behind the Scenes

My name is Nadia and this is my family. My husband Kristian and I along with our three kiddos are the faces behind Love Your Neighbor NOLA. This is us today, a happy, well adjusted family, but it wasn't long ago our picture looked very different. On November 27, 2018 my mother was murdered during the commission of a carjacking in front of our home in Gentilly. Kristian suffered a traumatic brain injury after trying to stop the crime; my mother died on her way to the hospital. In the aftermath of this trauma, we went through intensive therapy to process the event we witnessed and experienced. After that life altering tragedy I realized so many commodities that communities that experience trauma need but may not recognize or know are available. These needs include mental health care, familial and external support systems, and flexible time away from work. My mother worked in Central City and the Bywater to share the love of Jesus and a message of hope. Today, I alongside my brother, sister, and many other family members carry on her legacy of love. We believe that the greatest commandment is to love the Lord (Jesus) above all else and second to that is to love your neighbor as yourself. Our mission is to facilitate self -love through our outreaches and various resources, as well as to love others by giving freely in anyway we can.


Our Mission

Provide basic necessities to New Orleans children & families.

Provide education and resources that build community resiliency.

Engage youth through community service and mentorship opportunities.


Our Team

These are a few of the many family members that share the responsibility and joy of showing God's love to those around us. They give tirelessly of their time so Love Your Neighbor NOLA can operate to the best of its abilities.


Kasia Plessy

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Amando Franco-Dominick


Maria Placey