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Our foundation was born out of a family tragedy: on November 27, 2018, Nadia’s mother was murdered during the commission of a carjacking in front of Nadia’s home in Gentilly.  Nadia’s husband Kristian suffered a traumatic brain injury while attempting to stop the crime; her mother died on her way to the hospital. In the wake of this tragedy, Nadia and her family underwent intensive therapy to process their experiences. It was during her long road of recovery, it became clear to Nadia and her family that they were not the only individuals who had fallen victim to the vicious cycle of trauma present in New Orleans. Learning of the trauma the three defendants in her mother’s murder trial endured, without proper mitigation, compelled Nadia to launch Love Your Neighbor NOLA. Comparing and contrasting their stories of being raised in single parent homes or transitioned from foster home to foster home, to her own, of being estranged from her biological father and raised in a home familiar with domestic violence, she began to wonder if a solution to the cycle of violence began in the home. She came to realize there are violence-ridden communities where trauma begets trauma, a cycle caused by a lack of access to resources, such as mental health care, and support systems. Bearing these observations in mind, Love Your Neighbor NOLA was created to be a refuge and resource for parents and children alike. Today, Nadia, alongside her brother, sister, and many other family members carry on her mother's legacy of love. We believe that the greatest commandment is to love the Lord (Jesus) above all else and second to that is to love your neighbor as yourself.


The mission of our organization is to disrupt the cycle of community violence and trauma by being catalysts for family-centered change.

Provide basic necessities to New Orleans children & families.

Provide education and resources that build community resiliency.

Engage youth through community service and mentorship opportunities.


These are a few of the many family members that share the responsibility and joy of showing God's love to those around us. They give tirelessly of their time so Love Your Neighbor NOLA can operate to the best of its abilities.


A graduate of Dallas Baptist University, Nadia has a background in business, with a career in risk management. Being the founder of Love Your Neighbor Nola and an active board member of the organization, much of Nadia's time is devoted to the growth and upward trajectory of the organization. When she isn't working on developing the nonprofit, she is active in her local church, and enjoys spending time with her husband and their three children.



With a PhD in Psychology, Kasia offers unique insight into the mental health needs of at risk youth and communities that experience high rates of community violence. As a board member and primary organizer of community events, she is heavily invested in the day to day operations of Love Your Neighbor. While she wears many hats within the organization, she still manages to make time for her husband and their fur babies.



A board member from the onset due to her contagious compassion for humanity, Nichole also offers
vast experience in the non-profit sector. While she contributes remotely from her residence in Austin, Tx, she doesn't allow distance to hinder her influence on the direction of the organization. She is an integral contributor to fundraising, engagement, and community outreach plans.



A recent graduate of Temple Law, Amando currently lives and works in Philadelphia, PA. While he offers on the ground support during his visits to New Orleans, he regularly offers strategic insight and counsel to ensure the organizations long and short term goals are accomplished.

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Known more affectionately to her family as Abuela, Maria is the matriarch of the family and the binder that brings each component of Love Your Neighbor together. Prior to retiring, she worked as a social worker as well as in early childhood education. She brings her work and life experience to the organization, however her primary focus is the spiritual well being of the community.



7240 Crowder Blvd Suite 206

Every second and fourth Saturday 11:00-1:00

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