Parenting Tools


From infancy to adulthood raising children is the greatest joy and biggest challenge we can encounter. Often times we feel alone in our struggles and are unsure where to turn in our moments of uncertainty. This is a place where we hope to provide valuable insights and guidance related to parenting. Follow the links below for your free parenting resources.


Local Parenting Support

The Parenting Center at Children's Hospital

The Parenting Center serves as a resource center where parents can learn about child development and parenting skills. It is a support center where parents can discuss in person or by phone their concerns with other parents and staff. It also serves as a 
referral center where parents can receive direction to community resources, and a PLACE to PLAY!

WE PLAY Center

The WE PLAY Center is designed to offer a safe place for parents and young children to play while engaging in activities that promote brain development. Centers are in NOLA neighborhood spaces filled with age appropriate toys and activities where parents can socialize with each other while receiving support for the joys and challenges of raising children.

Healthy Start New Orleans

Healthy Start is a community-based program that can help you navigate prenatal/postnatal care, enroll in community assistance programs, and become your baby's first and most important teacher. Your Healthy Start Parent Educator will visit with you once or twice per month to work through any challenges you're having and teach you fun activities to do with your child.
You'll also be invited to free events and parent workshops each month

Operation Positive Change

Operation Positive Change (OPC) is a program at the Pyramid Community Parent Resource Center designed to support parents of children and teens with challenging behaviors strategies for use in home, school, and community.

Louisiana Parent Line

The Louisiana Parent Line provides parents with free, confidential, 24/7 access to a live specialist. Louisiana Parent Line can be reached through phone and text 24 hours a day and give parents a safe space to express their frustrations, ask parenting questions and get support. Specialists can offer emotional support, de-escalation, crisis intervention, information & referral, and plans for coping.

Tulane TIKES Consultation

Tulane TIKES provides one-on-one support for parents and caregivers in Louisiana that are caring for young children, aged 0-6 years, during this COVID-19 pandemic. Their early childhood experts provide supportive services in areas such as child behavior & social emotional issues, supporting children during the COVID-19 crisis, and other concerns related to caring for young children.


Online Resources

This free online parenting course provides 20 how-to videos explaining parenting techniques that address problem behaviors at home and school.

This site provides parents and caregivers with tips on how to build children’s resilience in the face of challenging experiences. Tips include establishing routines, modeling self-control and problem-solving, getting to know your neighbors, and seeking out and/or requesting a classroom with children of differing ability levels.

Zero to Three supports parents on the belief that parents are the true experts on their children, and that there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to raising children. The information and tools offered are designed to support parents in developing their own ways to promote their children’s growth and development.