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Visit us during our open office hours to receive diapers and wipes. Additional supplies include those for babies, toddlers, young children, and nursing mothers. At this time, we do not offer assistance with groceries, utilities, rent, or household items. Please note that clothes and shoes are donated and therefore are gently used.

There are many reasons we may find ourselves in need of mental health care. It may be a change at work, the loss of a loved one, or a traumatic event; regardless of the reason, we can help you find a therapist to help you.

As parents we all need help from time to time. Here we provide links to tools we have found helpful in our parenting journey.

Our mission is to build strong families, and that means giving to the kids! Check out the free a coloring pages, activities, and ebooks we have for kids.

Becoming a victim of violent crime is rarely anticipated and in the midst of regaining mental stability, it can seem impossible to know what next steps to take. We can help put the pieces back together by connecting victims of violent crime with mental health professionals, as well as alleviating the stress of practical demands, such as meal planning and maintaining the household.

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